1966 Regulations

The Regulations that the 1966-67 Corps of Cadets lived by were found in The Blue Book. In it, cadets could find out how they were expected to dress, act, and study. Details on promotions and punishments were also found in its pages. Additionally, the school’s Code of Conduct and the lyrics to the school song were highlighted on the inside of the cover pages.

Click on one of the entries  below to review the different parts of The Blue Book Regulations that controlled the day-to-day lives of the members of the 1966-67 Corps of Cadets.

Code of Honor
and Conduct
General Order
Number 1
Administration Principles

Regulations Cover Page


Regulations Index

Absences Academic Load and
Changes of Courses
Barracks Regulations
(Call to Quarters –
Cadet Officers and
Church Attendance Class Ranking Classroom Regulations Conduct
Day Students Discipline Fire Regulations Furloughs and Leaves
Grades and Reports Graduation
Guard Regulations Hazing
Honor Company Howie Rifle Honor
and Drill Team
Infirmary Regulations Inspections
Laundry Limits Mess Hall Regulations Organization of the
Personal Property Promotion Policy Salutes and
School Property
and Social Functions

Study Hall

Supply Room Wearing of the Uniform
Miscellaneous Summer Uniforms Winter Uniforms  

Blue And Gold