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Unbuilt Buildings


In September of 1927, the school announced plans to construct a concrete stadium using the natural bowl shape of Echols field. No further information was ever published about this project. The stadium was not built and conceptual drawings or plans have never been found.

East Barracks

In September of 1931, along with the announcement of Kable Hall, the school announced plans to construct a new East Barracks in place of the wood frame structure that carried that name and dated back to 1903. The building was to be a massive five-story structure that would have stood taller than North Barracks and been twice its footprint.
The basement of the building was to contain a rifle range and storage for a second mess hall. The first floor was to have a combination mess hall/study hall with 20-foot ceilings, a bakery, a kitchen, and four classrooms. There would be two mezzanines, with one on each end. The north mezzanine would have had rooms to house kitchen staff and a shower room for the kitchen staff. The southern mezzanine would have had the cadet post office (freeing up room in North Barracks for the expansion of the library), four classrooms, and a band gallery open to the mess hall below. Floors two thru four would have had 43 cadet rooms each with a gallery open to the mess hall below. The addition of the building would have allowed the expansion of the Corps to over 800 cadets.
The building was never built. Only conceptual floor plans were ever produced.

Conceptual floor plan for cadet rooms in East Barracks


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