Researched and Written by Gregory P. Robertson, SMA’70


Thanks to the many people and
groups that helped in this effort:

Arlene & Brocky Nicely
The SMA/VWIL Museum
The Jefferson County, WV Museum
The Historic Staunton Foundation
The Jefferson County, WV Historical Society
The Virginia Historical Society
The Augusta County Historical Society
The Library of Virginia
The Waynesboro Public Library
The Augusta County Library
The VMI Preston Library
The Jefferson County, WV County Clerks Office
The Staunton Circuit Court Clerk’s Office
The Harrisonburg Federal Court Clerk’s Office
The Descendants of William H. Kable
The Descendants of Thomas H. Russell
The Descendants of W. W. Gibbs
The Family of Layne E. Leoffler, SMA ‘40
The Family of J. Donald Allen, SMA ‘50

Particular thanks go out to all those people
both living and dead who preserved the documents
and images that made the research for this project possible.