Cadet Newspapers – Introduction


The earliest publication produced by the cadets of the Staunton Military Academy was a pamphlet entitled “The Budget”. Published in the early 1890s, the exact dates of publication and number of issues is unknown. There are no known  existing copies of “The Budget”.

The earliest surviving copy of a cadet newspaper at SMA is a booklet published in 1894 and titled “The Cadet.”  The next known cadet newspaper was titled “The Sabre” and was first published in April 1913. Over the next several years, the cadet newspaper at SMA changed names and formats several times before settling on the name “The Kablegram.” The Kablegram remained in publication until the closing of the school in Staunton in 1976.

On the following web pages, the  surviving issues of the Cadet newspapers are presented in their entirety.

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The Cadet (1894)