The Cadet (May 1894 – 1905?)

The Cadet is the earliest surviving example of a publication produced by the Cadets of the Staunton Military Academy. The single issue of The Cadet was published in May of 1894 and is a cross between a newspaper, a magazine, and a yearbook. The  number of issues and years of publications of “The Cadet” are unknown, but a 1920’s cadet newspaper article mentions a 1905 issue of “The Cadet”.

To read this issue, simply click on the front page below and the issue will open in a new Tab.

This issue is word searchable. To activate the search function after opening the issue, simply press down the CTRL key and the F key at the same time. A search box will open inside the document. Enter the word you wish to search for and then click on either the previous () or the next () button.


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